Yacht Honeymoon Planner

Are you bored with beach resorts, mountains and cities already? Then why go for a honeymoon in such places. Instead choosing a luxury yacht charter for your honeymoon is perhaps the most romantic experience for a newlywed.

While planning for a yacht honeymoon there are vast options such as exclusive motor yacht, lavish super yacht, romantic and peaceful sailing yacht or a classical gullet and the couples can makes choices on the basis of their preferences. The first voyage of the newlyweds is always best on a yacht with cruise to little bays, romantic peaceful strolls on the deserted beaches, intimate candle light dinner on seaside and the privacy that a yacht offers.

Honeymoon on a private lavish yacht charter if for all those couples who wish for a romantic peaceful and relaxing vacation that can help the newlyweds connect and rejuvenate from the stress of wedding preparations.

With Wedding Carpets with you, you can cruise at secluded bays, dine in candlelit seaside restaurants, walk hand in hand on deserted beaches, and visit a new romantic destination every day. Cruise honeymoon is the perfect combination of all the pampering, adventure and romantic adventures along with a lot of privacy. Here are a few

FRENCH RIVIERA: Imagine your honeymoon cruising along the world famous Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera is home to some of the most quixotic destinations in the world, from the dazzling lights of Monaco to the spectacular skyline and setting of St Tropez and all that lies in between. You in your yacht here would be perfectly described as lavish sophistication.

CARIBBEAN HONEYMOON: A luxury yacht charter is the best all-inclusive Caribbean honeymoon vacation you’ll find. All of the ingredients you want for a special Caribbean getaway for just the two of you- gourmet candle light dinners, Picnic lunch in a secluded beach, an all-time private chef along with the captain to take you wherever you want to go. Names of a few inclusive Caribbean honeymoon vacation yachts are Sayang, Free Ingwe, Great Adventure and Hypnotic.

CROATIA YACHT: Croatia with its 350km coastline continues to charm visitors year after year. Of late it is growing in attracting a lot of tourists; it still remains as one of Europe’s best preserved destinations, especially when chartering a yacht. A few of the world’s supreme Crewed Motor Yachts are cruising the Adriatic Sea of Croatia on itineraries that offer enthralling historical tours, natural exquisiteness, cuisine and sightseeing. Providing sumptuousness, speed and outstanding service, chartering a luxury yacht is the ultimate way to enjoy your honeymoon.

MARINA PICCOLA YACHT: Capri in Italy is the perfect honeymoon gateway for couples looking for a European hideaway. One can anchor the luxurious Marina Piccola yacht before driving into the amazing island town. Marina Piccola is considered to be the best superyacht on the Amalfi coast offering once in a lifetime experience to its visitors. When at Marina Piccola one can plan a stay at the very popular Punta Tragara Hotel- winner of the 2016 World Boutique Hotel Award “Best Honeymoon Hideaway”.

Wedding carpet approved most romantic destination for yacht honeymoon worldwide.

THAILAND: Thailand is not that popular among tourists as a yachting destination and this makes it an ideal destination for honeymoon. With multiple spots to visit in the country it is famous for Buddhist temples, fragrant spices, gorgeous beaches and wonderful diving.

GREECE: The islands at the Greece offer a fantastic combination of ancient ruins with astonishing nightlife and romantic retreat making it an ideal honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. There are three main groups of islands near Athens — the Ionian, the Argo-Saronic, and the Cyclades. Each of these islands offer breath-taking cruising facilities in the clear warm sea and also has great diving options available. It is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples interested in party atmosphere with some stunning beach bars available.

Apart from these places you can charter a private luxury yacht at Turkey, Corsica, Spain, Hawaii, Fiji islands, Borneo and many more.

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