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Wedding carpet was started by Mr JP Yadhuvanshi in the year date. After the success of Myshaadiwale wedding planners (one of India’s top wedding planners), Mr JP wanted to start planning perfect weddings for the people all over the world. Weddings, rituals and traditions aren’t same everywhere but the values and emotions attached to this beautiful ceremony are the same.
We specialize in tailor made and quality driven wedding affairs with a tight hold on budget.
With a wide range of vendors across the globe we can create a dream wedding for the couple in their budget.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

Note: Our Facebook page previous name is Myshaadiwale, now we have changed it to Wedding Carpet. here is a link to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/epicweddingcarpet/

Mission and Vision

MISSION: Wedding Carpet’s mission is to convert our client’s dream wedding into reality along with adding innovative and precise detailing that will make their wedding the best day of their life.

VISION: Our vision is to take care of all the things that makes up the grandeur of a wedding in a way that it is right out of a dream for the bride and groom without any hassle.

OBJECTIVES: Our objectives are

  • Dream Wedding: We aim to exhibit a wedding right out of a dream. We want to give every betrothed couple a fairytale ending by designing a wedding they dreamt of.
  • Tailored Made Wedding: We understand how everyone has imagined about their wedding at some point of time in their lifetime. Wedding carpet wedding planners specialize in customizing your wedding day to meet your unique wishes. Once you have expressed your desires, we review, plan and organize your special day accordingly. We plan the wedding according to the couple’s salacity, budget and preferences. We aspire to make every wedding different.
  • Within the Budget: Wedding planning is abstract without a budget. We understand our client’s budget and endeavor to contrive the best wedding within it. With a wide network of vendors and years of experience in the industry we are able to design the best wedding at every budget.
  • Taking care of small detailing: Our Wedding Carpet wedding planner team has perfected the art of wedding coordination. We do so by taking into our capable hands those little intricacies and details that demand full attention, when you and your love just want to be recording every smile, touch and promise on your special day.

We Carpet your Wedding.!


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What Can We Do For You

Wedding Planning 75%
Honeymoon 85%
Venue Booking 80%

Our Appreciations

  • It was the last week of December 2013, when the phone rang at our office and we discovered that the call was from Bahrain. An excited Mangalorean mother named Hema Malini wanted a beautiful wedding planned for her Daughter-Radhika and the Son-in-law-Gaurav. She also told us that she would just bring the bride and groom on the day of the wedding and we would have to take care of everything.

Our Partners

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