Destination Wedding Planners in Turkey

Marriage is that day when two people tie a knot and promise to stay together forever. But is it just that? It is definitely more than that. A wedding is not only about two people and the marriage that we all see. A marriage is also about the vendors with whom you tie up with, the location that you choose, and the guests you invite. A wedding of one day in the society holds a preeminent symbol for the rest of the days. And if you want to do a destination wedding, then more things add up to it. But a destination wedding would not be so burdensome if you go to the right destination wedding planners.

Turkey is a place with stunning beauty. Everything will leave you gaping in awe about this magical place. It has the most tranquil beaches and the loveliest mountains. Its architecture and structures are brilliant and very inspirational. This place holds a lot of historical beauty to it, and nothing would be better than wanting to have a destination wedding in an aesthetic place like Turkey. And no one could beat the best Turkey wedding planners, which is the expert team of Wedding Carpet.

You dream, and we create. The arduous journey from dreaming and planning the ideal wedding and bringing it into reality is sheer talent. Our talented team of Turkey wedding coordinators will make this very arduous journey for you a simpler and smoother one. Our teams of professionals have experience in all the fields. Tell us, where you see the dream, we will bring it to reality. Whether it is under the starlit sky or in the historical architectures; whether in the royal palaces or on the tranquil beaches, plan your wedding in Turkey with the best wedding planners of all time. Wedding Carpet is forever ready to serve you. We are one of the most renowned Indian Wedding Planners in Turkey and own a success record in organizing your Weddings as per Indian rituals.

About Wedding Carpet

Wedding Carpet was started by Mr. JP Yaduvanshi. It had begun with only one motto, that is to make the weddings look elite, perfect and extravagant, no matter in which corner of the world does the unison takes place. We understand that weddings, rituals, customs, and traditions are not the same everywhere. Sometimes even all the people of the same community do not follow the same rituals. It differs from families to families. But the one thing which is common is the emotions and values that are attached to it. And as wedding event planners we strive to present these emotions and values in the most aesthetic and best way possible. Our weddings are solely quality driven and result driven with a tight hold on the budget. With the large network around the globe and a tie-up with various vendors across the world, we have got the different types of vendors for different preferences and budgets. You dream, and we create.

Wedding Carpet’s global presence and Partnerships

We are a company which started from small, but it is because of clients like you, that have helped us reach so far. Our mission is to bring to you, what you have dreamt all along till now. There are various emotions attached to weddings. Everyone dreams for it to be the best day of their life, and nothing can go any lesser than perfect. We strive to take care of anything and everything from A-Z that can make a wedding a grand one, and the best day of your life. We customize them to your wants and vision.

We give you ideas, but our ideas are tailor-made to your preferences and opinions. To achieve our mission and your vision, Wedding Carpet is such wedding event planning company who are linked and associated with other best brands and companies around the globe, just to provide you with what you want to see. We delicately choose our partners and connections. With vast experience, we have created large networks. With your budget, we provide you with the best locations, vendors, florists, DJs, bands, etc. It is the clients like you, who have helped us serve you with only the best, and we wish to keep on exhibiting the same.

Why wedding carpet?

When you go to a wedding planner, it is your expectations of them to handle anything and everything that is related to the planning of the wedding. And if you want to plan your destination wedding in a beautiful country like Turkey, then definitely nothing can go wrong. We are a team of experts who keep an account of all the latest styles, designs, and the wedding trends in Turkey. We are the Turkey wedding planners who will take care of the following things-

1) We set up a wedding, according to your budget. No matter what your budget is, we definitely have something to give you.
2) We show you the most original and aesthetic locations, considering your vision, budget, and wedding size.
3) We find the top and best photographers, videographers, florists, bands, caterers, DJs, etc. for you, in your very preferable price range.
4) We are the consultants with whom all the vendors and businesses will communicate; we really don’t let any hassle reach you. We communicate, and we negotiate.
5) We streamline and map out the entire day, which involves every component of your wedding; about what will happen when, and how.
We manage the entire wedding day. From supervising the vendors to keeping a check on the delivery, we do everything.
And lastly, we also help book and plan your honeymoon in your most desired way!

We’ll suggest five best places to plan your wedding in Turkey:-

 1. Green Park Beach Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz










2. D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris

3. Limak Lara, Antalya

Also Check: Destination Wedding in Alanya, Turkey

4. Sait Halim Pasa Mansion

5. BC Spa Hotel, Asiklar

Plan your Dream Destination Wedding in Turkey with Wedding Carpet

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