Hire a Wedding Expert

We have a dominant skilled team to offer you an eye for detail, which will take care for the perfection in work which others can’t figure out. We understand it is the crucial time for any bride and groom as well, where they search a friend who can be available for them ever they need. We don’t assist you as a service provider but help you as your best friend and are ready to help you anytime.

With our tag line “your wedding something different” we really make your wedding unique and filled with twinkling stars of happiness and prosperity. We are expertise for fusion wedding like for producing a theme as unique as a combination of “appam and lassi”.

We put a flavor of uniqueness starting from your wedding invitation by making it as a creative as a personalized LCD card to your own “Bollywood” wedding film. Our wedding planners team involves technical people who are well equipped in light, sound and décor, lawyers to make other necessary legal arrangements and engineers to facilitate with application which make your wedding splendid and amazing.

We have a skilled team for wedding film creation by Indian best cinematographers who are experts in developing wedding short films and summarizing your 4 days wedding in 4-5 minutes for wedding highlights. This makes you comfortable to share it in any social media platform.

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Does a Wedding Expert take care of everything.?

Yes. The wedding Expert will make your day stress free and beautiful by taking care of whatever is there on your plate.

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