Cruise Honeymoon Planner

After your big fat wedding, its time you deserve a vacation. Imagine just you and your spouse, in an exotic cruise line, secluded from everyone, right in the middle of the sea, enjoying and relaxing in each other’s company. Cruises make excellent honeymoons because they combine relaxation with adventure. Cruise ships have everything right from the rejuvenating spas, celebrity-chef restaurants, butlers and ritzy bars along with the striking sea at the backdrop. Following are a few Wedding Carpet certified cruise liners that you must opt for your perfect cruise honeymoon.

SILVERSEA CRUISES: They can clearly be called as a jackpot of honeymoon cruises. The best route with Silversea cruise line would be Africa, The far East or the Galapagos. From having a chilled champagne waiting for you every morning, it has many more perks for honeymoon couples. With a lot of pampering and surprises on board, you will definitely have one of the most romantic honeymoon.

PAUL GAUGUIN CRUISES: These cruise lines offer luxurious voyages in French Polynesia, Tahiti, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. They have a lot of amazement specially for the newlyweds. With gourmet food and luxurious accommodations, they incorporate a lot of on board adventurous activities.

PRINCESS CRUISES: These cruise lines can be officially called as “Loveboat” because of all the amenities necessary for onboard romance. It has fabulous dining options, including a VIP dining experience in the galley and catered dinner on your private balcony; indoor and outdoor pampering with alfresco massages. Its best itinerary are the Caribbean route.

Along with the above mentioned, the other cruise lines which are equally romantic and luxurious are the Oceania Cruises, Azamara club Cruises, Seadream Cruises, Star Clippers Cruises, Crystal Crusies and many more

Wedding Carpet with a lot of tie ups all around the world will plan the best cruise honeymoon for you according to your choice and presence purely. We will also add extra honeymoon benefits to your package because our aim is to make it as memorable as possible.

Plan your Cruise Honeymoon in Goa, India with Wedding Carpet
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