Destination Honeymoon Planner

Weddings can be hectic. Hence it becomes important for the newly-weds to take some days off before they return back to start their new journey. They say- “Honeymoons set the tone of your wedding life”, so its important that you choose your destination with care. We at Wedding Carpet wedding planners not only promise to design your perfect wedding but also plan a better honeymoon trip for you and your spouse. Right from your departure to your arrival back home, every single thing will be taken care by us.

There are several destinations around the globe which can be rightly called as the “honeymoon destinations”. You can make your honeymoon very romantic and relaxing or adventurous and filled with sight-seeing. If you want, we can plan a honeymoon with the best of both. Few of the recommended destinations from Wedding Carpets are as follows:

Australia: The country downtown is emerging as one of the top honeymoon destination of late. Love-struck newlyweds can soak in the beautiful landscapes and revel in the luxury and warm hospitality the country has to offer. You can witness the exhilarating sunsets over turquoise water in Whitsunday beach. For champagne on a boat and movie screening under the starts, Melbourne is a must visit city. Queensland and Tasmania can be added to the list for more relaxation and adventure simultaneously. Australia tour can be combined with New Zealand if you want to increase your number of days.

Egypt-Turkey-Greece: This trio makes the best honeymoon if you want adventure, fun, new experiences along with super romantic places and relaxation. Your trip will start with the first couple of days in Cairo and Alexandria, (Egypt)- which has a lot of historical sites and entertainment options. Then get a romantic get away to Athens and Santorini in Greece. To add some more experience and memorable photos there is Istanbul in Turkey.

Europe: From Paris in France, London in England, Vienna in Austria and Rome in Italy , the continent is home to many number of mesmerizing destinations and experiences which makes it ideal for your honeymoon. There are many of beat places in Europe like Prague, Malta, Copenhagen and many more places yet to be explored.

Apart from the packages there are many single destinations that you can visit if you do not want the hassle of packing, unpacking and traveling. Places like Mauritius, Bali in Indonesia, Dubai, Miami, Bora-Bora, Cape-Town have so much in itself that you can have your best honeymoon experience here.

Wedding Carpet strives to make your honeymoon memorable. Along with planning the impeccable tour we will include other services like professional photography in the exotic locations, fun experiences and much more just to make it all the more special.

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