Houseboat Honeymoon Planner

For newlyweds seeking a romantic honeymoon far from the mainstream holiday destinations, overcrowded tourist spots, a stay in the brackish lagoons with the ocean in sight, looks tranquil. Honeymoon houseboats could be the cherry on your cake for the honeymoon. Passing blue lagoons and narrow creeks, overlooking mesmerizing sights is the perfect synonym for peace.

The top notch services and exceptional packages from Wedding Carpets for honeymooners make a houseboat stay all the more enthralling. Take your spouse on a memorable ride and live the moments of a lifetime.

Allepy Honeymoon Houseboats in Kerela, India is perhaps the world’s best place to savor your honeymoon expectations. The Minar De Lake is a comforting retreat for honeymooners. It is believed to be one of the most artistic Alleppey honeymoon houseboats. With well furnished suites, the cruise showers its patrons with a wide assortment of lavishness, glisten with crafted elegance cater to the needs of the honeymoon couples. There is also a Spice Coast cruise houseboat that presents you the best beaches at the Malabar Coast, India, with thatched villages, and an outlook of native way of life along the coast.

While talking about houseboats, we just cannot ignore the place which has been rightly called “heaven on earth”- Kashmir. In Kashmir, houseboats are referred to as Chikaras. Carved from the brawny Walnut and Cedar woods native to the valley of Kashmir, and sated with modern amenities and services, the Chikaras floating on the picturesque Dal Lake offers a lavish and an unforgettable experience to the guests.

Imagine watching the Eiffel Tower from the deck of your own houseboat at Bateau Simpatico, Paris. You can explore Venice in your own houseboat with a self drive option instead of Gondola which will only increase the privacy and more romantic time with each other. There are luxurious houseboats in Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Berlin and many more exquisite destinations. Explore your beloved destination in a complete different way with houseboats.

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