Beach Wedding Planner

If you have imagined your wedding to be somewhere warm and sandy with a guaranteed beautiful sunset and probably no shoes- Beach Wedding is the answer to all your dreams. You must have seen, heard and even attended many beach weddings. But how can you know beach weddings are perfect for you. It’s simple! If you like day ceremonies, a private affair, simple decoration and budgeted wedding: then beach wedding is perfect for you. Beach weddings are surreal. With so many beautiful destinations and resorts all over the world, you can get married on the beach anywhere across the globe.

With Wedding Carpets wedding planner on board, we will take care of everything, right from your arrival and even after your departure of you and your gusts. With various vendors and a lot of experience, we will create a beach wedding right out of dreams, tailored according to you.

Beach weddings can be as simple as you want to or as pompous as you can imagine. There can be small details that can be added to your #BeachWedding. Fairy lights and candles instead of conventional lights will do the magic. Shabby chic and vintage-inspired ceremony touches look amazing at a beach wedding (and are a bit more unexpected than the nautical stuff). An open bar in a boat or canoe will just add to the party. Besides this there are several other little things that you can do to make your beach wedding a memorable one.

There are many beach destinations which includes adventure and fun activities for your guests. You can get married in the fun beaches of Miami, or amidst the serene white sand of Greece. You can get married over a cliff facing the ocean at Barbados, or during the glowing sunset on the west coast of Florida. Musha Cay -a 150-acre private island in the southern Bahamas could be on your top list for the beach wedding you are dreaming about. The most famous Beach wedding destinations all over the world are: Dubai, Thailand, Bali, Mauritius, Maldives and Sri-Lanka. You might have already pictured your beach wedding. Just contact us to convert your imaginations into reality.

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