Destination Wedding Planners in Malaysia

Weddings have always been about being ‘big and fat.’ It is that one tremendous day of a groom’s and bride’s life, which is meant to be magical and memorable. We know how huge of a task weddings can be. It is not just about that marriage day which you show to everyone on the stage but is also about all the things which have been happening at the back of the stage. From booking a venue for the wedding to shopping the bride’s and groom’s outfits, from organizing special events to inviting guests, from following all the traditions and rituals of a wedding to organizing different events, we understand that how this grand wedding is not about just that one day, but also all the days of efforts you put into that celebration to make it a memorable one. Therefore, we at Wedding Carpet are a wedding event planner who lends a helping hand to you.

We are a team of professional destination wedding planners who have been handling weddings and have been giving such elite wedding experiences to our clients, that they can’t help, but only remember about our services with a big smile on their faces. If you are planning to get married in a place as magical as Malaysia, then you have come to the right place! Our large network is expanded and spread all over the world, and we would be the most eager Malaysian wedding planners to serve you. Now the ‘big and fat’ question is, why the ‘Wedding Carpet’?

Time is money, and money is precious

In today’s date, everything is expensive. And to make a wedding happen, you have to meet all the ends, to make the bride’s and groom’s ends meet. We understand how time-consuming process is the preparation for weddings. But what if we get it all covered for you? What if you get a helping hand from the best wedding planners of all the time? We map out even the littlest of details, from all the ceremonies to your choice of music. We will show you the best wedding locations in Malaysia, considering your budget, wedding size and your dream. The team professionals of the Wedding Carpet are the best Malaysian wedding coordinators. We offer you only the best price, creating memorable experiences for you, and making the big day smooth and easy.

Worldwide collaborations

Malaysia is just one of the countries, where Wedding Carpet has expanded to. Our connections do not just end at Malaysia; we are spread all over the world. We have tie-ups with one of the biggest hotels and brands. The Ritz Carlton, ITC Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, JW Marriott, and Shangri La Hotels and Resorts, are just a few to name. our list of collaborations is endless. Our worldwide networks make it easier for you to place your trust in us because we have a more than a decade experience in destination wedding event planning. Plan your wedding in Malaysia with Wedding Carpet, who turn your vision into reality, live up to your expectations, streamlining a very smooth process in every step of the way.

Tie the knot through stylish and extravagant services

We handle everything from A-Z to create a wedding day for you which only looks extravagant and stylish, and nothing lesser than that. Our services are very proficient, and our team of experienced professionals is very determined and loyal to their profession.

We set up a realistic budget of your choice. Everyone has their own budget, and we love to make miracles happen within no matter what boundaries you set for us. We have experience in each and every type of wedding field. We pay attention and importance to even the smallest of details. Florists, bands, caterers, vendors, photographers, and videographers, are all found by us, fitting your budget. There is nothing that we cannot do or would not do.

We create a day of timeline, planning everything beforehand. We tell a story of all the people involved in the wedding and making it a grand event as it is meant to be. All the families, parties, vendors and finally you; we plan out for you, what will you do and when will you do it. You absolutely have to worry about nothing; everything is taken care of by us.

What can the Wedding Carpet do?

We have a range of wedding styles, from which you can choose the one that suits your taste. We are up to date on all fronts. We move along with the time. If you want your wedding destination to be in Malaysia, then we assure you, all the wedding trends in Malaysia would be followed. We also plan dreamy Beach Weddings, party Cruise Weddings, Royal Palace Weddings, and also handle your Honeymoon bookings and plan your honeymoon trip for you.

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